New Beginnings

Graduating chiropractic school was a huge step toward fulfilling my dream and purpose in life. I want to begin by sharing a personal story about how chiropractic gave me a new beginning. As a child my parents spent much time encouraging my brother and I to become someone extraordinary, to pursue our dreams, do well in school, and brush our teeth. LOL! I always struggled with finding my purpose and career path but knew I wanted to love, serve, and experience life at its fullest. Cruising through my sixth grade year I came across a hurdle that seemed impossible to overcome. While playing with my brother seeing who could touch their toes he noticed that my back looked strange and proceeded to point it out to my mom who also was alarmed by the shape of my spine. Within that same week I visited my local doctor and a series of x-rays where taken, it was determined that my spine was curving and needed attention from an orthopedist. Fast forward to an office visit where I found myself in disbelieve that there was no other option than to operate on my 50 degree lumbar scoliosis I began to question why me. I had went through months of wearing a compressive hard brace to slow the progression of my curve, a brace that limited my motion and ability to be a kid. At age 13 I had two titanium rods and multiple screw placed throughout my spine fusing vertebra T3-L5(base of my neck to the top of my hips). Needless to say recovery was more difficult than the surgery and I had a new body that didn't feel like my own. After the surgery my body struggled to adapt to the hardware which resulted in pain and months of physical therapy that didn't give relief. How could a 13 year old girl go from a "healthy", flexible, painless body to a body filled with foreign objects, limited motion, and unbearable pain within a few short months? When I was just about to give up and accept that my life would be filled with pain and medication to help me cope I was introduced to chiropractic. Little did I know that my pain was just part of the problem or that it wasn't the problem at all merely an indication that my body wasn't functioning properly. Chiropractic restored my body's function by removing all of the nerve interference caused by misaligned vertebra. Chiropractic restored life throughout my body by opening connections from my brain to its destination. Chiropractic gave me a new beginning when a 13 year old girl was ready to give up on her hopes of a pain free life. As I grew older I began to understand that chiropractic was more than taking away my pain because I began going even when I wasn't in pain. Something deep inside of me knew Chiropractic was pure, good, and true. I began chiropractic school in 2013 and vowed to never stop spreading the good news of how chiropractic gave me a new beginning. I hope you will allow Seaside Family Chiropractic to help you and your family find a new beginning too! 

With love and life,

Dr. V

Valerie Dowis